My football mom duties have suddenly changed, because we’re changing teams! It’s funny how invested you get in these things. We learned last week, that our coach is unable to participate this season, so we’re headed to another team. It’s going to feel strange, playing with a team that’s been our rivals for the last couple of years. It’s ok though, they asked for my son by name!!

It’s a bit sad though, because only one of the boys from our previous team is going with us. It’s mostly sad though because this new team is the Raiders. As a Kansas City Chief’s fan it feels wrong to root for the Raiders at any level. We’ll get through it though!

With this shift in team dynamic, there’s no longer a need for me to be an official team mom. Don’t worry, I’ll still share my tips and tricks for getting through the season with various meal planning, and other tools. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates!