Saving to Vacation

In 2017 my husband and I plan to renew our wedding vows on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Unlike our previous getaways, we’re planning to take the kiddos along. I can tell you right now, that’s EXPENSIVE. I don’t know about you, but we don’t have mountains of of cash just laying around.

The way we are going to make this vacation affordable for us, is to save our way there. I wish I would have thought this same way when we went to Disney World back in 2012. We just bit the bullet, and paid that full trip right up front. Boy did that hurt.

Part of saving up for the trip is cutting costs, while the other part is looking for ways to increase our income. I’m probably not going to blow your mind with any of what I post here. I’m sharing here 1) So I can hold myself accountable, and 2) I can help identify tactics that maybe you’ve dismissed, or at first glance you don’t feel are viable.

Grand Palladium


Up first, I want to share with you the resort we will stay at. My husband and I stayed here over the summer for my cousin’s wedding. The resort is all inclusive and family friendly. Part of the appeal of this resort is they have a kids’ club where our three boys can spend their days when they don’t want to hang with us. There they have lots of activities including time in the pool, a game room with Ping Pong, Pool, and the latest gaming system. For when they ARE hanging out with us, there are multiple beaches at the resort, though one is more suitable for swimming, than the others. This resort also houses what is considered the largest pool in Jamaica, and the kiddos are big enough to stand up in all of it!

In addition to the awesome kids’ club, there are restaurants galore on property, several amazing bars, and let’s not forget the incredible beaches. My kids’ are already planning all of the trips they’re going to make down for snorkeling, and paddle boating. I think I need to go take a nap to just keep up with all they have planned.

Over the next several months I’ll be sharing what my husband and I are doing to build the vacation piggy bank. Some of that will encompass leveraging information I shared in my 10 Ways to Diversify your Income post earlier this week. If you haven’t already, read that one over! I can’t wait to see the vacation balance increase, and hear about how yours is doing the same! Happy Saving!