Tie-Dyed for the 4th

Can you tell we’re totally obsessed with getting ready for the holiday? You guessed it, another post for the 4th! This one is fun, I promise. You know my favorite past time is spending time on Pinterest, though I haven’t been on a ton since starting the new job. When I was on one day looking for football shirt inspiration, I saw some awesome tie-dyed shirts. You know they say what’s old will be new again. Yep, tie-dyed is back. Did it ever really leave?


patriot tie dye kitAs fate would have it, I received a sales ad from my local fabric store, and tie-dye kits were on sale. Not only were they on sale, but I also had a 20% off your total purchase coupon. SCORE! And of course I went and picked up a couple of kits. I kept it simple with this “Patriot” One Step, Mini Tie-Dye Kit.

Also on sale this same day was t-shirts. I snagged one for each of my boys, and of course came home and put them on the shelf for a project at a later date. I’m excited to say that day finally arrived this week!

There are so many tutorials out there for the different patterns you can make with tie-dye. Be sure to check out my Tie Dye Pinterest Board for some ideas.


There are 3 shirts here, 2 with the spiral pattern, and one with more of a striped pattern. I was a bit nervous at first because when following the directions for the spiral design it’s not clear how those folds turn into the spiral, but have no fears, it works! I do wish I had allowed the shirts to soak longer with the dye, maybe until the next day, though I did do the suggested 7 hours. The red faded a big more than I was expecting. Just something to keep in mind if you try a similar project!

Unfortunately I couldn’t snag a pic of the completed striped one because my son got it out of the dryer and promptly spilled something on it when he put it on. I mean seriously!!!

I can already tell that I’m going to be a little obsessed with tie-dying so look for some new projects coming soon!


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