Football Fundraising Ideas

As part of my Football Mom duties, I’ve been trying to come up with some ideas for fundraising for the year. For my older son we’ve done a couple of quite successful fundraisers in the last few years, so I’m hoping we can gain that same momentum with the younger guys. Below are a few of the fundraising ideas I’ve come up with so far, and a little about how each will work.

  • Football Wreaths – Here are a few I found on Pinterest that I really liked. Stay tuned in the coming week, I will be showing you how to make each of these!!

From top left – Deco Mesh with ribbon from Etsy / Top Middle – Rag Wreath from Etsy / Top Right – Tulle on foam form (Link no longer available) / Bottom Left – Tulle and Ribbon from Etsy / Bottom Right – Rag Wreath

With the wreath fundraiser we would target parents / grandparents / aunts / etc of our team asking them to purchase wreaths to support the team.

  • Paint and Wine night – Seriously LOVE the idea of a Paint and Wine night. With this event we have the opportunity to reach beyond our regular team supporters into the community.
    • I’ve been eyeing canvases at our local craft supply store this past week they had them buy one get one free!! They also have the awesome acrylic paints on sale from time to time.
    • I have a few personal friends who are able to lead the classes, so a small donation for their time, and we’re able to use the rest of the funds for the team.If you aren’t lucky enough to have someone you can leverage, you can also google different options, many come with step-by-step instructions for completing a designs.
    • It’s important to have snacks available.
    • Guests should bring their own bottles of wine. (Feel free to pick up some glasses at Dollar Tree, or you could of course use plastic ones.)
  • Sonic – Our local Sonic restaurants offer us the opportunity to pick up a stack of $5.00 cards for FREE and sell. They have items like $.99 Route 44 drinks, cheap value combos, and more. We did great with this during our kindergarten season, so we’ll definitely do this one again!
  • T-Shirts – T-Shirts are a pretty staple fundraiser. Here is another opportunity to tap our supporters with themed shirts. This year we’re looking at a couple of unique designs. I was walking through one of our local malls a couple of weeks ago and saw a guy airbrushing shirts, and it hit me, that we would have shirts airbrushed this year. It’s a little less standard, but I LOOOOVED the look. (We’ll probably also get a few hats made) Here’s what I’m envisioning

This is probably just the tip of the iceberg for us. There are lots of other options we can throw in there. What types of fundraisers will your team do this year?


One thought on “Football Fundraising Ideas”

  1. I love your ideas!! Those wreaths are amazing!! Avon has a few different fundraising opportunities to if you would like to hear more.


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